Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Channing Turned 3!

Channing, I cant believe you are 3 years old! You are such a smart little boy. Right now you can almost count to ten, and we have been working hard on learning your ABC's. You say some of the funniest things! You are always making dad and I laugh. You are also in the back talking and challenging stage and we don't like that very much. But we know you are just trying to figure things out and we are grateful for your strong personality. You absolutely love riding your motorcycle bike you got for your birthday and we play with play doh and paint too. You are such a good big brother!! Tucker's eyes light up whenever he sees you. This summer you have become so good at the pool, you jump in and hold your breath under water. We love you Channing!

Jumping at Anti Gravity

He loves jumping in the pool!

Fourth of July

Hogle Zoo
Knott's Berry Farm
Working out with mom

Golfing with dad
Super Channing!
3 years old!!


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