Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Channing Turned 3!

Channing, I cant believe you are 3 years old! You are such a smart little boy. Right now you can almost count to ten, and we have been working hard on learning your ABC's. You say some of the funniest things! You are always making dad and I laugh. You are also in the back talking and challenging stage and we don't like that very much. But we know you are just trying to figure things out and we are grateful for your strong personality. You absolutely love riding your motorcycle bike you got for your birthday and we play with play doh and paint too. You are such a good big brother!! Tucker's eyes light up whenever he sees you. This summer you have become so good at the pool, you jump in and hold your breath under water. We love you Channing!

Jumping at Anti Gravity

He loves jumping in the pool!

Fourth of July

Hogle Zoo
Knott's Berry Farm
Working out with mom

Golfing with dad
Super Channing!
3 years old!!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tucker's 6 Months of Life

We sure love you Tucker Boy. We are so blessed you chose our family to come to on Earth. I fell like I was holding you for the first time yesterday but it has been 6 1/2 months already! You definitely don't feel like a new baby anymore. Right now you weigh a whole 19.6 lbs! You are such a chunk! You are so easy going and you don't get upset very easy. Your brother loves you more then you will ever know! He is always looking out for you and is very protective. Dad and I love when we pick you up and you just cling on to us like a little monkey! It's so cute! You have 2 bottom teeth and you got them at just 5 months. You perfected sitting up at 6 months and that makes you feel so big! You have tried rice cereal but nursing is still your favorite. You absolutely love balloons, you go crazy when we put one if front of you! Love you baby!
5 days old
1st bath

Blessing day May 5th, 2013
Blessing day
3 months
4 months
He loves his brother!

Waite Family reunion July
Tasting rice cereal
He loves bananas
1st time in the swing
Fell asleep holding his toy

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tucker's Birth

I want to get this written down while it's still pretty fresh on my mind.
I was 40 Weeks and 1 day when I went into labor. It was Sunday March 3rd and I felt pretty normal. The day before though I felt very nauseous and I guess that is a pretty big sign of labor.
So Sunday we went to church and then went over to Linzie's house for brunch. She has a trampoline so I thought maybe if I jump on it my water will brake or I will go into labor. ( I guess I was right) My water didn't brake but I went into labor a couple hours later. At about 7 pm I cut Jason's hair and once I was done we all sat on the couch to watch TV.
 I started feeling painful contractions at 8:30pm and started to keep track of them. They were coming every 4 mins almost exactly and lasting 30-45 seconds. I waited to tell anybody till 10pm because I wanted to make sure it wasn't false labor. Once Chad knew he said I should call Laura right away. So I did and she talked to me for a little bit to see how I sounded during a contraction. Since they were coming so often she said "sounds like your having a baby tonight!" I started crying and then Melodee and Alanis started crying with me haha. It was perfect because Melodee said Channing could stay the night over at their house so we packed him a bag and they left. That was our first night without Channing too. I was kind of sad but so grateful he was with people he felt very comfortable with.
Kristy got to our house first at just after 11pm and Laura about 20 mins later. Kristy helped us fill up the pool in our bedroom and got everything else ready. Dallan and Chad gave me a blessing while the pool was filling up.
 I waited a little bit to get into the pool because I didn't want the warm water to slow down contractions. I don't think they would have because they were so strong by then. I think I got into the pool just after midnight and it felt so nice! It helped with the contractions SO much! The water started getting a little warm so Kristy and Laura put cool towels on me and put cooler water in the pool. Chad did so good through it all. He would tickle my back and hold my hands and it was exactly what I needed. Rochelle showed up at about 1am she didn't believe Chad when he called her to tell her I was in labor lol but she had a very strong feeling to come over. I'm glad she listened to that feeling. She always helps me so much. Just her presence at my births make me feel comfortable. My parents showed up at 1:30am and I love having my mom in there with me too. She knows just what I need when I need it. My dad stayed in the car to sleep.
My contractions started getting stronger and I was so proud of myself and didn't scream. Laura helped me do a low hum and reminded to breath. I had the best birth team! I started to get the feeling that I needed to push and I was shocked because I thought I still had a while to go but Laura said that if my body was telling me to push then I should push. I never got checked through the whole thing. So I didn't know how close I was. Laura suggested that I try to feel his head and I did so I knew I was very close. Once I was ready to really push I had Chad get in with me and lay behind me and I pushed for 25 mins. When his head came out I reached down to feel his little head and pushed one more time and I got to pull my little boy out!! It was such a beautiful experience! I ended up tearing so I got a couple stitches. I felt everyone's prayers and thoughts. The spirit was so strong. I loved giving birth in my home. I wish everyone could experience birth like that and I hope my next births are just as amazing. 5 1/2 hours of labor was just right.
Tucker was born at 2:10am Monday March 4th. He weighed 8lbs 8oz and was Channing's twin at first. So cute and chubby right from the beginning. We got everything cleaned up and got to sleep in our own bed by 4am. That was nice. Once we woke up at about noon Melodee brought Channing over and he was a little unsure at first but was happy to see his new brother!

Took this in the middle of contractions.

My awesome midwifes Kristy (left) and Laura (right)